Michael G. Ehlert

is an educated banker, self-employed since the age of 24, who has worked in financial services for 20+ year – always in relation to real asset investments and capital raising.

Over the years, he has raised in excess of €250m himself, 60% of which for real estate.

Michael has raised capital for the South-Eastern United States, Greater China, two countries of the Gulf Region as well as North-Western Europe. He structured onshore and offshore funds in 6 different domiciles; launched securitisation projects with Barclays and ABN Amro, and started his own securitisation company in Luxembourg. 

He has pitched and presented to a wide variety of types of investor and in different settings, from small one-to-one sessions to groups of up to 30 people. Michael is an expert in relation to the Luxembourg financial services framework and has a robust knowledge of cross-border European distribution.