My old topic: personal and corporate strengths

Personal strengths and a strengths based corporate culture have been at my core for over 15 years. I believe that knowing and nurturing strengths in a personal and business environment is absolute key for happiness and success. Trying to fix weakness on the other hand is going to make you feel miserable and the maximum output you can realistically expect will be an average performance. But there is no economical justification to aim at an average performance (in the long run). Large corporates see this different. From their perspective maintaining an average performance is often enough (not to get fired). 

Strengths are actions you take and tasks you perform. The Gallup organisation in the US has been researching talents and strengths for nearly 30 years and they say strengths are tasks you perform “on a permanent basis” and “near to perfection”. On a permanent basis means it’s nothing you do once, for a week or a three months period and than move on. It’s something you do for life if you have the opportunity or would do for life if you had the opportunity. And “near to perfection” means you will produce something that is outstanding. The something doesn’t have to be physical, it can be emotional, something interactive or even mean applying a certain thought process. What is clear however is the impact it creates. Others will notice that the something was your performance. You will leave a trace, a signature when you leave. 

I will write a blog series about strengths as I feel there is not enough said about it. It’s not complicated and I will keep it simple, but I feel I want to take position on this and give you a couple core concepts on hand that will help you think, feel and act in the (your) right way about yourself and your work. I’m looking forward it.