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Getting support for a capital raising campaign is key for the success of a every capital seeker.  The types of support required will vary from situation to situation and from capital seeker to capital seeker. However what I noticed is there are four main categories of support:

  1. Emotional support
  2. Development support
  3. Promotional support
  4. Material support

With a certain flexibility between coaching, mentoring and consulting all gaps can be filled over time. 

Often the pure fact that someone is listening to the capital seekers situation is releasing self solving abilities of the client. I have experienced that myself. Vocilising questions that are on your mind often just creates the necessary space to think about the answers.  

But than some solutions just emerge through a collaborative approach. Bouncing ideas off each other, discussing what works and doesn’t, creating action plans, reflecting on tricky situations, introducing partners, exchanging and sharing resources in a partnership environment are the rewarding elements of a coach, mentor and consultant.

There are several options how we can work together. They’re summarised in the PDF on the right side. What I would like to point out is that I solely work with property/real asset experts who want to start a capital raising campaign. The ultimate goal must be to raise capital. I’m not a general business coach or consultant but just work on these specific situations. 

I have chosen a remuneration model that is 50% outcome based. This means the second half of my fee is just payable if you achieve your desired outcome (terms and conditions apply). Because of that I am selective whom I work with. I prefer seasoned experts who have been in the industry for at least 7 years and can demonstrate a solid track record.  

To get in touch please choose any of the options in the contact section. I’m looking forward your message.

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