Product Development

Michael G. Ehlert has extensive experience in developing investment products. Since 1996 he has been involved in over 50 product creations. The products included a wide range of features impacting their risk, return, liquidity, accessibility and marketability. Michael has created and co-created products for HNWI, UHNWI and professional investors. Until 2004 Michael has been involved in financial asset products involving insurance, mutual fund and banking elements, however his focus has always been on real assets such as property, infrastructure, shipping, aircraft, agriculture and timber. 

Creating a compelling value proposition and understanding what the customers pain is, usually forms the starting point for every successful product development. Mapping out (physically) what customers think, feel, see, say, do and hear helps to avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly. That sounds logical and simple but the approach is complex and requires time, capital and the right support from the business management. Because of a lack of capacities that is often not given and products are developed on the basis of current market conditions and self-centred desires.

Michael will help you bridge the strategy gap between coming up with an idea and implementing a customer verified solution whilst following the principles of lean product development.

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