Project Management

A professional project management approach to a capital raising campaign is key for success. The vast number of contacts and relationships that need management and nurturing are difficult to handle without a structured and well organised process. 

Initiation, preparation, implementation and closing are the four main phases of a campaign which are further split into ca. a dozen stages. Communicating and collaborating those stages with the various stakeholders of the campaign is a time intense task which requires knowledge, experience and strong facilitation skills. Prioritising, setting milestones and monitoring costs and risk of the whole campaign are core skills for this job.

As a project manager Michael and his team help you fulfil the demands of a project manager. We follow a proven process and jointly work on all phases and stages. Your productivity will increase due to short communication cycles and an additional monitoring function. You will save further time and effort on your campaign as we also actively help you managing the work streams. All this should leave you feeling fully informed and totally understood. Less stress and more time, that you can spend on your core activities, shall be the outcome.

Our decision criteria for acceptance are based on personal chemistry (yes, it's not always about the facts!) and your value proposition, history, credibility and investment framework. As we get partly paid for the success we obviously want to make sure that there is a realistic chance for you to succeed within the time frame you expect. 

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